Uber Case History - UK

Uber lost at an Employment Tribunal in 2016 over its classification of drivers as independent contractors. The tribunal also gave drivers the right to receive holiday pay and the right not to receive less than the minimum wage after taking account of vehicle related expenses. 


Ever since then, Uber has avoided implementing the original Employment Tribunal ruling by appealing to the Employment Appeal Tribunal in 2017 and then appealing to the Court of Appeal in 2018. Uber lost its appeal at each stage. 


Now, Uber’s final appeal was heard by the Supreme Court in July 2020 and the court’s decision is expected soon. 


UK Supreme Court rules Uber drivers are workers.


The decision means tens of thousands of Uber drivers are set to be entitled to minimum wage and holiday pay.

The ruling could leave Uber facing a hefty compensation bill, and have wider consequences for the gig economy.

In a long-running legal battle, Uber had appealed to the Supreme Court after losing three earlier rounds.

Uber UK Drivers Case