We are a firm of Solicitors representing Uber drivers for their back dated wages compensation claim. 

Have you received a backdated wages compensation offer directly from Uber? 

* Are you being offered a good deal? 

* Do you want to accept the offer?  

* Should you reject the offer?  

* Are you confused? 

* Has Uber said you are not eligible?
Well help is at hand and that help is free.  We are are committed to providing you the very best independent legal advice.  

What do we mean when we say “FREE”?

Free independent legal advice - If Uber make you an offer, we will assess that offer for you. If our advice is that it is a good offer then we will tell you it is a good offer and that you should accept it.  
Free independent legal advice - If Uber make you an offer which is less than what you ought to be entitled to then we will tell you it is a low offer and that you should reject it. The final decision will rest with you and you can still accept an offer against our advice.
Free independent legal advice - Should you reject the offer then we shall explain the procedures involved in making a claim in the Employment Tribunal and Civil Courts.
Free independent legal advice – If Uber say you are not eligible and do not make you an offer then we will assess your eligibility for you. You may have a valid claim even if Uber say you do not.


Our fee is 25% plus VAT of damages recovered.

We are here to help and provide you with the best possible independent legal advice.

Compensation Estimator


The amount of compensation you may be entitled to depends upon how many hours you work and how long you have worked for Uber.


Please use the compensation estimator to see how much you could be entitled to claim per year.

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Young Driver

19-Feb-2021 - Source www.bbc.com


UK Supreme Court rules Uber drivers are workers


The decision means tens of thousands of Uber drivers are set to be entitled to minimum wage and holiday pay.

In a long-running legal battle, Uber had appealed to the Supreme Court after losing three earlier rounds.

Uber Supreme Court Case UK

18-Mar-2021 - Source www.theverge.com


Uber’s new minimum wage policy in the UK doesn’t meet the law....       

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